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We provide you with unique India Wildlife Safari  and Tours across various wildlife sanctuaries and Tiger Reserves across India. The variety, vibrance, and vivacity will leave you amazed and in total of vast terrains which are to be explored and discovered. If you are looking to discover an inner explorer in you then we are here to assist you to discover the wilderness that you haven’t experienced before, that too in an easy and economical way  with a wide range of wildlife safari packages. Take the much needed break in the wilderness for yourself and for your family by creating an awesome holiday for you and your family.

For the foreign nationals, India is the place to be. It is one of the most perfect global holiday destinations. Come and simply explore what all it has to offer, in terms of variety, right from the lion reserves of Gujarat to Bengal tigers Reserve of Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, Assam and many more. Come and experience for yourself the vast wild terrains. Along with the wild safari, it also offers a rich cultural heritage to experience. Besides being a culturally-rooted nation, with strong spiritual roots, it also attracts the wildlife lovers with its 500 plus wildlife sanctuaries. Explore its wildlife spread across the huge subcontinent – ranging from the Safaris in the heartland of India right from the west to the east. Take home the fonding memories of exciting Wildlife and Bird watching explorations. Explore. Experience. Repeat!

Saurav Chauhan

Nature and Wildlife Enthusiast

Saurav is passionate about nature and wildlife photography and is a forever lover of wilderness. His expression of the love for wildlife assumed form while he was exploring the wild life. He had a successful career as a a graphic designer but it was also very demanding in nature. It required frequent break from the the adrenaline rushing job. He sought recluse and relief in wilderness. That is where his love for the natural life and wildlife blossomed. It’s been six years since the time he discovered it and started working with companies in telling their story with the help of connected images. The exciting thing that happened was that he got his flow and started living unplugged. One revelation led to the other and resulted in founding what the wildlife enthusiasts perceived as the beautiful dusky glimpse of wildlife. Wildusk bears his signature love for green, glorious wilderness. Since the year of its inception, wildusk has attracted jungle lovers because of his passion for the wildlife and nature. He is been able to connect with wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world.

His pastime hi watching birds and catching sight of magnificiant wildlife in all its glory