We are presenting a series of blogs that will highlight the numerous benefits of visiting a sanctuary. Some of them are obvious and science-backed, and some of them may not be direct but have a profound impact on our overall health. Taking a break from the mundane life, too, in the company of unpretentious beings is always therapeutic. Isn’t it? Without spending time in the introduction, we quickly jump to key points.

More than just the clean air

When we make the wildlife visit, the immediate effect is the replenishment of the body, with abundant negative ionsrare in city life. Jungles have their own vibes. It is not just the pure and clean air, andit is also about the natural habitat where our entire body mechanism unwinds itself.

Relaxation in greens

Our body detoxifies and takes rest whenit comes to the natural connection. That is the condition that we have to invest in and explore. Every time when we visit a natural habitat, this is the beautiful harmonious connection we nourish within.

External sight leads to internal harmony

It happens because the microcosm is the reflection of the macrocosm as told by ancient Indian scripture, “yatpindetatbrahmande” can be interpreted as “all that is outside you is within you. It is this understanding with which we have to visit.

We beat the mundane

When we visit a natural habitat of animals, we can disconnect from our mundane life. You never know what can pass by at any moment. There have been so many cases where visitors, the wildlife lovers, narrate the story of catching a glimpse of a bird, from nowhere, a tiger silently crossing from a distance, unaware. We get to know about it and cherish the moment when timely alerted by our safari guide.

Learning to live in harmony, deal with distraction

There are so many areas where mobile access is not permitted there. Flashlights are not allowed, night excursions are discouraged. All of it teaches us that there are certain things we need to disconnect with. In many of the parks, plastic is not allowed. We also need to do our bit by being proactively involved with it. When we do not litter and connect with nature in its pristine environment, we can connect with ourselves in totality

Optimize senses rather than depending on gadgets

That is the understanding that we need to have. When we are not capturing, when we are capturing with our five senses, when we are not using any gadget, then we are able to connect with the animals, connect with the habitat. It is not just the flora and fauna we connect with all the beings in totality and that is the lasting connection. It is not just about connection with the place, it is also about selection of the food for our soul. As we all know soul is the ultimate holder of healthy emotions, memories that are food for the good health. This is what we take back with us when we come back to our city life

Author: Saurav Chauhan – Nature and Wildlife Enthusiast

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