We have seen the many species of tigers in India. Right from the Bengal tiger of Sundarban, to the Malayan tiger, and South China tiger, we have five species living in India.

It is interesting to know how they have influenced our culture and tradition.

Tigers are known to be the symbol of dignity, confidence, and courage. They are also worshipped as the vehicle or carrier of goddess Durga. Besides being revered by the majority of the population, the tigers are also worshipped by the tribes of a particular region where they inhabit.

Having said that, it will be interesting to know how they have inspired the seers and ancient yogis to observe
and emulate their postures and share with the public the benefits of their poses, recommendingits practicing for our overall wellness. 

Vyaghrasana (The Tiger Pose)

This pose has been incorporated by observing a tiger right before its hunting operation. This is the pose a tiger assumes before attacking its prey when it gets ready. In this pose, the focus is on the eyebrow center, and the body is arched with the spine taking the concave shape. It is said to cure backache. By observing the tiger and practicing it, one can do away with lethargy, massages the spine, and get ready for the day’s action.

Vyaghrasana (The Calm Tiger Pose)

The other asana is where after hunting and having its food, a tiger feels satiated. It sits calmly and focuses on digestion. It is a stable state where the tiger rests peacefully. In this state, a tiger is completely harmless to other creatures.

These two asanas have been incorporated by observing the tiger by our seers. These two varying attributes of a tiger will excite the wildlife lover in you. Next time when you plan to catch the sight of tigers on your safari trip, think of these aspects.

Whether you catch their sight while they are treadingsolo or they are in ambush, it is always an experience to catch the big cat in all its wilderness. All you have to do is plan to go to one of the tiger reserves close to you. There are many tiger reserves all across India.  Plan a trip to the tiger reserve and observe the two characteristic actions of the big cat sans their vigilant eyes.

Author: Saurav Chauhan – Nature and Wildlife Enthusiast

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