When it comes to rules to follow during our wildlife excursions, it seems we have got a lot to learn from our western friends who do much better than the Indian wildlife lovers. Though real wildlife lovers’ responses are more or less the same, there are still areas where they excel. We are listing them out for the benefit of all.

Adherence to rules

There are rules to follow when you are visiting wildlife,notto use means to attract creatures, not to break the harmony of nature, and above all, not to disturb their instinctive chores.  We all learn by following their instincts by observing their everyday routine, and ensuring that we create a minimal distraction in their lives. Ifwe look at it, life’s lawis mutual support; it is the mantra for harmonious living.Isn’t it?

Going by shortcut

It has been another limiting habit that we try to do. If there is a way that gets going in a relatively short time and is not allowed, we will not mind going out of our ideal way and we even resort to ways which are not ethical or dangerous, not just for others but also for others for ourselves.

This is another trait where we need to look at the foreigners and try to imbibe and go by rules laid down by the authorities. Rules are laid down not just for our betterment but and it is also for the good of the habitat of the creatures as well.

Going with a set mindset

Every trip to the wildlife is different. You ask anyone, and they will tell you that not to single trips are the same. It is because of the dynamic nature of the Jungle. There is beauty in chaos. There is life in unpredictability.There is a joy, but we have become so conditioned with the expected outcome that we see a tiger or come across an ambush, we tend to expect the same thing in our trip. But what happens is that we miss the fun during this process, and we miss to observe so many things that might have happened.

We were on a trip, and a couple wanted to catch aglimpse of a mangrove bird. They had come prepared to spend the entire day following them. Though they did catch them, nature had different things to offer to them as well. They noticed something even more surprising than their expected goal. They caught the sight of a bird with colorful blue feathers and a green neck that surfaced out of nowhere. It was like a pleasant surprise. The couple was quick to drop their planned expedition to observe the lovely sight and be thee. It was a beautiful gift, and we can have similar experiences of joy when we don’t go to the jungle with an expected outcome in mind.

Capturing the experience for others

The pleasure that we get from our site, is always experiential. Often, to capture the moment in mobile or store it for later retrieval by seeing it from the lenses we miss on the joy of spontaneity.When we just be there, and try to imbibe the beauty of wildlife’s dynamism without thinking of retrieving it later or showing it to others, we truly enjoy the joy of nature.

Going with a sense of pride

Spending time in the wilderness can be a liberating experience to many of us. Often we commit a mistake by visiting wildlife as a way of entertaining ourselves. There is so much to learn from nature. By observing a baya’s activity, the weaver bird, we get to know so much of detailing and organized pursuit of homemaking, which is terrific.

Every species is endowed with great wisdom to brave the circumstances and survive. When we genuinely observe their behavior in their activities, we will learn and enrich our lives. That is why we recommend that we should observe a creature from an understanding of abundance! When we visit the wildlife with humility, we will come back filled,with knowledge, joy, and humility.

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Author: Saurav Chauhan – Nature and Wildlife Enthusiast

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