Birds have been around for quite some time. They are said to have evolved from theropod dinosaurs 165 million years ago. And it is by observing these birds we learned to fly a plane in the sky. The engineering marvel of today that we see in the sky would have been impossible without observing them. Interestingly, understanding the bird’s aerodynamic mechanism is not the only gift we have got from ornithology. Noticing the accuracy and the intuitive, incredibly long journeys, the migratory bird partake is equally impressive.

The Class Apart!

Most of the birds’ journeys commence because of specific reasons like breeding or nesting or changing the place for the pursuit of better habitat. What often the elite people do like changing their home in extreme summers or winters is no match when it comes to in comparison to these migratory birds!

Intuitive Global Positioning

Some birds that visit India and stay in the Bird sanctuaries like Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary near Delhi or Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajasthan come from far off places. The Siberian cranes come all the way from Siberia and Russia. There are birds like the greater flamingo crane and demoiselle crane come from Africa. They cover thousands of kilometers and reach the destination without losing the direction despite their aerial route! They reach every year on time. Isn’t it surprising?

Interestingly, the bird’s intuitive flying is way superior to some of the technology in which science enables the airplane in sticking to its route. Air traffic control determines the aerial path. In case of the failure of ATC, the plane may crash. But when it comes to these migratory birds, there is zero failure. Every year the birds come to the same place around the same time. They stay their days and spend their days and then fly back to their destination.

Guided by instinct 

Few years ago, a female European honey bird was fitted with the satellite tracking system. The purpose was to trace its journey to the migratory place and way back. The bird in 42 days covered a distance of 10000 km. It means that it flew for 230 kilometers per day.

Surprisingly, while flying above the sea, it changed the direction so swiftly and shortly to the angle of 90 degrees. It changed the course while flying above the sea to reach its original destination accurately at the same place. This intuitive and natural route taken by the migratory bird is a terrific thing in nature. When we observe this species in their natural environment like a jungle, sanctuary, we can witness so many magical things.

It is not just by living in natural surroundings; it is also by observing nature, its living creature, we move towards a healthier mindset and approach towards life. Especially when we talk about the migratory birds, this sharing will encourage and excite the wildlife lovers. Please share with us what you learn from your bird watching hobby us. Pass this insight to your friends and families.

Author: Saurav Chauhan – Nature and Wildlife Enthusiast

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